Foxhole – Lost & Found Through Gaming – Final Cut

The following video is a recounting of how my social life and community connections came apart in the wake of the pandemic and lockdowns in late 2019, but rebounded through my experiences in the game Foxhole, as a member of the in-game Colonial Regiment, ARMCO. It tells of how I regained the lost sense of community and an accompanying confidence through my adventures, as well as learned several skills applicable to professional and social life. The forest fire image and accompanying flame transition are utilized to rhetorically symbolize how my community connections “burned away.” Photos were meant to showcase a somber, contemplative mood or an activity, while all in-game screenshots were selected to showcase elements of gameplay, community interaction in-game, and overall scale.

Classroom Peer Reviews:

  • Tyler – The transitions and narration are both done very well which keeps the viewer intrigued even if you’ve never once heard of the game your story is about. 
  • Micaela – I liked that you explained what the game was, as this was missing from your earlier draft and allowed for a better connection to the video. I liked the use of symbolic imagery in the video. Using screenshots of the game itself really added to the video.
  • Audrey – The text you used throughout the story allows the viewer to remain engaged in your journey and showcases important moments that you experienced in this community. In a time where people were isolated and in-person interaction was discouraged, a story of how you were still able to make connections is very inspiring. 
  • Hannah – Passion is present in every word, and it is incredibly clear that this is more than just a game to you. I love how you showed its effect on you in the real world, and it makes me wonder about the effects games can have on its players. Finally, I like all of the pictures of the game and how you really emphasize the community in the game for those who are not familiar with it. 
  • Harrison – I think you did a great job with the narration. Clear voice, great explanation, and you didn’t get too in the weeds with game terminology for viewers that wouldn’t understand. I think the editing was really clean too, smooth transitions, nice shots, and a very cohesive framing. Might even give Foxhole a try!