Personal Narrative Storyboard: The Colonial Community

1: When the Pandemic hit in late 2019, the lockdowns struck, and began throwing a wrench into the lives of myself and everyone around me.

2: I was forced to walk out of Kennesaw State University's College of Computer Science and Engineering for good, and begin rethinking my life.

3: At home, though I was grounded by my work and my family, I had lost that sense of community I had in peer groups on campus. I spent much time on YouTube, alone at home. This is where I found a series of videos on a game called Foxhole, posted by a Youtuber named CaptainShack, on his channel "TheXPGamers."

4: The game was touted to be very player and community driven by all those who spoke of it, and thinking back, my sense of community had been all but burned down by the lockdowns. Could this be a way to start healing?

5: I had a little money on me, and time on my hands, so I figured, "Why not?" I bought and downloaded Foxhole to give it a go for myself.

6: This was the start of a new adventure. That's how it always goes with a new game for me. They're odysseys all their own, a dive deep in to the realm of human imagination and community. My first truck drive in game as a Colonial Trooper symbolized the beginning of my next dive.
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