Site Map and Story Plan

This is a Site Map of my Sense of Place Story


Here I will be talking about different notable dining establishments throughout Douglasville that stand out not only as delicious places to eat, but memorable places to visit thanks to the owners, staff, and community that surround the place. My sense of place, of home, is incomplete without a special mention of the places my family and friends congregated to dine and talk.

Parks and Recreation

Nothing speaks to the natural and rustic atmospheres spread throughout this town like a visit to the parks and historical sites of my hometown. From the mix of old whitewashed brickwork and modern architectural design in Downtown Douglasville to the fresh air, woods, and lakes of the parks, there are quite a few places on this list relevant to my sense of place, my history and memories. Here, we will go over notable locations with photo browsers and a discussion of their relevance to not just my personal history, but my family’s history as well.

Notable People

I’ve always thought that what makes a home isn’t just the commodities and conveniences, or the aesthetics and varied locations. It’s the people that make up the community that I share this home with. There are some notable people I’ve met in recent years that I’d love to talk about. Professionals in their fields? Oh yeah. But there is more to life for them than that next paycheck or the things they love to do. There are people in Douglasville and its surrounding Boroughs that really make you feel welcome here, and make your family feel even larger.

Digital Story Idea

The main goal of the digital story will be to bring everything together into a concise whole, meant to invoke a taste of the same positive emotions in others that I feel about this place. The article will be an interactive experience, with image browsers, a video showcase, and an audio narration where I’ll make a self-reflection regarding the significance of this place to me. I look forward to sharing it! 😀